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New Krypto1000 White Paper on TETRA

25 July 2016

A new white paper is available that details the more than 30 variants of TETRA that are processed by Krypto1000.

k1k_TETRA_demods tetra radio

The paper also details the nine common encryption systems we can help process.

Download the PDF here:


Please contact our Customer Service if you require further details, or a customized solution to your SIGINT or Decryption requirements.

contact COMINT Consulting


New Krypto1000 update released

18 July 2016

Customers and partners have just received the latest Krypto1000 release, v1.005.

This comprehensive update contains many powerful, new SIGINT tools and features as well as performance enhancements, to include:

– Support for wideband streaming in the QRC Technologies Wideband Transcorder (WBT) system. Learn more about the WBT here:


– New RDS Decoder and RDS Spy Server toolset


– New TETRA decoder- support for multiple Base Transceiver Station (BTS) and Complete Control Channel and SDS Message decoding – unlimited channel processing!


– New NxDN (includes NexREF and NexEDGE support) decoder and complete Control Channel Decoding – unlimited channel processing!


Several other tools and features of special interest to the SIGINT professional have been added…

– Enhancements to the Integrated File Player

– One-key Spectrum Inversion tool added

– New Frequency Lock Button added

– New I&Q gain feature allows visualization and adjustment of bit depth.

– I&Q Recorder now supports WAV and WAV64 (RF64) files and WAV files contain RFrq data

Contact our customer service if you would like to receive HD videos of any of the above in action. Be sure to include your complete contact information.

contact COMINT Consulting

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