7 August 2017

New Krypto500 version released – TEN (10) new decoders!

Krypto500 v.1260 has been released. As with all of the multiple updates we produce several times each year, there are many more new features, including some 10 new decoders.

We now have some 90+ decoders you cannot obtain in any other software! This new version also contains:

* more RadioID entries
* more classifiers
* more DPRK-ARQ circuit IDs / DPRK-ARQ FadeFilter
* more unique Pactor CRCs

There have been new features added to the integrated HF Database viewer, the precision FSK classifier and our integrated File Player, which now allows for multi-threading.

The new decoders are:

Racal Merod MA-4420 / MA-4450
Artek-1HF update (CRC checking, new coding scheme supported)
Selex Elsag HF2000 ALE
GRU-448 (DBPSK x 3, FSK x 3)
R-785 OTAR


Continuing to offer support for more receivers, SDRs, digitizers, SIGINT and COMINT systems and other hardware remains important to COMINT Consulting. To this end, we have added native support for three more new pieces of equipment:

  • Airspy & Airspy R2/ Spyverter (2.5 MHz mode only)
  • Icom R8600



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