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45+ DMR (MotoTRBO, Hytera…) variants decoded in Krypto1000

12 September 2017

Krypto1000 is a wideband SIGINT suite offering complete control, analysis, demodulation and decoding of an unlimited number of channels over an unlimited bandwidth!  The software is updated several times a year to add more hardware compatibility, more analytic capability and, of course, more decoders!

Krypto1000  already handles a wide variety of decoding tasks for various burst and continuous data systems as well as numerous formats of LMR, TMR, PMR, DMR, dPMR and Satellite modems.

To learn about the more than 45 DMR formats we decode, view this PDF:


To request a video of Krypto1000 in action analyzing, demodulating and decoding any DMR or other mode, please send a request to us by clicking here:


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90+ Decoders more than ANY other SIGINT software!

21 August 2017

Krypto500 v1.260 has more than 90 decoders you simply cannot get from Wavecom, Hoka, Procitec/Go2Decode or Rohde & Schwarz – they simply do not have them.

An example of this is a new target, operating in the midst of Europe since early June 2017, has a complex network using various FSK and DBPSK burst waveforms – we already have all of the variosu waveforms demodulated, decoded and parsed and they are already available as decoders in Krypto500!

Our “competitors” remain completely unaware of this challenging, short-duration (burst), multi-waveform target.

We’re a SIGINT company, not a company with a monitoring or hobby background pretending to be one.  We continue to produce 12 times more new decoders each year than all of our ‘competition’ combined!

We’re compatible with the hardware you use and with data protocols used by SIGINT professionals in Allied countries.

If you still need more reasons to choose unique, accurate and up-to-date SIGINT software, you can learn more here in these two PDFs:


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