6 December 2016

AOC Signal Classification Presentation Available

Recently, COMINT Consulting gave a presentation concerning the uses of precision signals classification for Electronic Warfare (EW), Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) and Cyber warfare operations. The presentation was given at the Association of Old Crow’s (AOC) annual International Symposium in Washington, DC. The panel focused on topics relating to the awareness that precision Electronic Support Measures (ESM) systems of the future must operate in a dense environment of agile emitters.


A 25+ year leap forward from the crude modulation recognition still present in the majority of COMINT and SIGINT systems worldwide, precision classification offers the possibility of being fully-aware of the modem equipment in use in any environment, in real-time.

Combined with COMINT Consulting’s RadioID, an advanced, precision, real-time radio fingerprinting technique that offers the ability to know an exact radio manufacturer and model, EW , Cyber and SIGINT officers and analysts now have detailed, accurate and actionable information at their disposal in real-time.

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