23 December 2016

SIGINT Decoder Comparison PDF Updated

We often get the question asking us to compare our SIGINT software suites, Krypto500 and Krypto1000 with other software in the market, namely from France, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany.



There are several top-level differences in that many of them have origins in the hobby and monitoring market. Our software was designed from the ground up as complete SIGINT software suites.  As such, it is natural that we designed with the both the Active and Passive SIGINT missons in mind.

Some important features we have and our competitors do NOT:

  • We are compatible with National and Allied protocols like MidasBlue.
  • We are compatible with more than 300 of the leading SIGINT hardware and systems companies’ equipment.
  • We add new decoders at a pace 12x faster per year than all of our competitors combined!
  • Our decoders are more current and more complete with more waveforms and parsers built for each to allow maximum intelligence extraction
  • We have a completely unique real-time radiofingerprinting capability built-in our software.
  • Our software can be used on ANY platform, large or small and manned or unmanned.
  • We have a completely unique, real-time precision classification technique built-in our software.

…and of course there’s more to learn. A great place to start is our Resources web page which you can visit by clicking here:

If you would like to go directly to the recently-updated Decoder Comparison PDF, please click here:

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