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Signal decoding solutions for SIGINT & COMINT systems

A trusted partner advancing SIGINT and Electronic Warfare, COMINT Consulting deploys the most sophisticated Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) software available today.

Signals Analysis / Decoding

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Signals Analysis and Decoding

Do you know what you're missing? We do!

With over 30 years of tactical SIGINT experience we know the importance of an accurate and current SIGINT software suite. A must-have tool for any SIGINT/COMINT professional to fight today's challenges in Electronic Warfare (EW). Our decoders are not only relevant and up-to-date but also a must-have tool to help your intelligence collection and analysis effort.






Signals Analysis and Survey Services

From custom decoders to monitoring and analysis

Use our experience and SIGINT knowledge to your advantage by letting us develop custom decoders that helps your daily collection and analysis. Want us to do the work? No problem! We offer tailored monitoring and signals analysis services catered to your own environment>



Reinforces fundamentals and teaches expert techniques

With over 30 years of tactical SIGINT experience we know one or two things about signals. We are confident enough to say that we are experts in our field. We developed our decoders not only to be user-friendly but also to adapt to today’s fast-changing world.


From the president

Allied Tactical SIGINT Capabilities are Dangerously Inadequate

The pace of change in RF technologies combined with a historically low level of RF expertise in our EW & SIGINT forces, in turn combined with inconsistent investment and myopic focus on ‘technologies of the moment’ have combined to harm and severely limit our capabilities. 


Both militaries and militants are using the technology, and there isn't a modern military in the world that isn't an extremely heavy user of HF with users depending on HF as a crucial element of their battlefield and fleet-level HF networks. Today, the problem is that, when we looked away, we lost track of things, and we're now in a position of playing catch-up.