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Can be used in many fashions: with other applications, on its own, behind the scenes, via our API or some combination thereof. You can use our whole suite or license the parts and libraries you need.

Reason Flexibility
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Reason Power

You can run as many as 10 instances on one laptop. Further, you can open as many as 32 decoders on any channel you wish to process - that is 16x more powerful than the competition.

Reason 2


We don’t sell decoders that went off air decades ago. Our competitors do - some will happily sell you a suite of modes that are 60% obsolete. Why pay for modes that no longer exist?

Reason Relevance
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Reason Dynamic

We have many more decoders than any competitor and that number changes monthly - just like the real world. We built more decoders in 24 months than ALL of our competitors combined produced in their 40 year histories!

Reason 4


We don’t sell solutions to versions of modes that have been superseded. The telecommunications industry never rests and we believe your analysis tools and decoders should keep pace.

Reason Current
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Reason Unmanned

Krypto500 and Krypto1000 can be used in fully automated fashion to automatically collect, record, classify and decode - and then store and forward the collected intelligence - from ANY unmanned vehicle or remote system.

Reason 6


Krypto500 and Krypto1000 can be used by experienced or inexperienced operators alike. The many automated tools can assist both novices and experts to painlessly produce more intelligence - the only thing that matters.

Reason Manned
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Reason  Customization

We can build decoders for you, add support for hardware - custom solutions, regional solutions and anything in between.

Reason 8


We are SIGINT experts with many decades of work at the highest levels of Allied SIGINT. We give you real answers, real timelines. We deliver real solutions to the real world.

Reason Expertise
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Reason Hardware

No hardware required, but you can count on us to make sure it works well with yours. We work with more than 300 industry leaders in receivers, SDRs, SIGINT systems, digitizers, recorders and DF systems.

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