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15x more decoders!

That's correct - we make 15x more new decoders each year than the rest of the SIGINT / COMINT industry combined.

Unlike our 'competitors', they are complete, and include all known waveforms, completely demodulate and decode target traffic and include all the parsers necessary to extract maximum content for maximum intelligence.

Krypto500 has just been updated with new parsers, as announced last week, and now two more decoders, too:

- PBC-146BS 3G ALE (GJB2077A-2007 3G)

- PBC-146BS Data

These are just two more of the more than 240 decoders you can find in ONLY Krypto500 and Krypto1000 COMINT / SIGINT software for ELF-SHF...and more are coming - soon!

See this link for a list of all the DECODERS in Krypto500 / Krypto1000

The above link also contains a list of all the irrelevant, incomplete and obsolete decoders that other software has.

Isn't it time you took your COMINT / SIGINT more seriously?

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