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Krypto1000 v1.007 released

This latest release, one of several updates planned for 2017, contains ten significant new features:

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– A new Play button for quick access to file playback (no need to change input devices in configuration)

– The integrated File player now supports looping of part of the file. Users can choose to use the newly-added buttons or right-click seek bar to define loop points.

– Support for FFT gain offset (to compensate receiver gain). Currently supported for VITA-49 receivers that send gain in the context packet.

– Added CRFS device status dialog (click on the CRFS input device name when server is running to show window)

– APCO-25 ( P25) digital voice decoder

– LTR (Logical Trunk Radio) Decoder (APCO-16 / P16) – Decodes all three types: Classic, Passport and MultiNet.

– Digital voice output now has an AGC function to equalize audio levels for better readability

– Motorola MDC-1200 added as a parser to the Listen module

– New Digital DPL Squelch

If you would like to see a video of any of these features in action, please click here:

For more information, visit our website:

SIGINT | COMINT | Krypto500  | Krypto1000 | Decoding

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