Krypto1000 v1.010 released - several more new features

Krypto1000 v1.010 has just been released with several more new tools and features for the SIGINT / COMINT professional.

Support for the WinRadio Excelsior G39DDC has been added to this new version of Krypto1000, allowing it to be used via USB or PCI.

Further, a new decoder for the DNP3 SCADA Protocol has been added and is shown in action below:

Lastly, this new version contains integrated time-stamping and cueing which can be used with leading audio studio and recording software. An example cue list from Adobe Audition that can be used from within Krypto1000 is shown below.

As always, please contact us or view our RESOURCES web page or SIGINT menu for more information.

To request a video of any of Krypto1000's numerous tools and features in action, please click the link below.

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