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New Krypto1000 white paper available

Just as Krypto500 has well over 100 more decoders and many other tools more than its 'competition', Krypto1000 is also a leader in its own right.

SIGINT | COMINT | Krypto500  | Krypto1000 | Decoding

For unlimited bandwidth, unlimited channel decoding, VHF, UHF, SHF SIGINT, Krypto1000 has no competition. It also contains numerous other unique features that are either not found elsewhere or are considered options like complex analytic tools, cryptographic key recovery, HD displays, burst signal detection, and so on. All are standard in Krypto1000 and we don't charge extra for tools you need.

SIGINT | COMINT | Krypto500  | Krypto1000 | Decoding

Learn why Krypto1000 is embedded in the SIGINT manpacks used by Allied special forces. Discover the difference with software designed by SIGINT professionals for professional SIGINT!

Click below to view the 'Krypto1000 vs the Competition' white paper (PDF):

SIGINT | COMINT | Krypto500  | Krypto1000 | Decoding

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