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A few more details about the next Krypto500 release...

In the coming days, Krypto500 v1.269 will begin shipping to customers. Recent news items have outlined some of its new features, such as 20 new VFT decoder solutions, but as always, there's much more.

As we add 15-20x more decoders per years than the rest of the market (combined!), of course there are also additional new decoders included in the new edition. Among them are a solution to a modem in widespread use by a large Asian army, the solution to yet another new waveform of a complex modem used by a high-priority intelligence target, new parsers for things like KY-57 and Citadel-I as well as new variants of CIS-11 and T-310/5x modems.

Our customers know that we continually add new precision classifiers as well as new RadioID signatures. New signatures were recently added for specific Thales, Hart and certain SINCGARS-compatible radios so that they may be identified in real-time along with numerous others already in the RadioID (fingerprinting) module.

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