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Complete, current, relevant DECODERS

Not all SIGINT / COMINT software is the same. At COMINT Consulting, we guarantee:

  • there are more decoders in Krypto500 + Krypto1000 than any other software

  • decoders are 100% current (our competitors contain 40-60% obsolete modes)

  • decoders contain solutions to all known waveforms for a target modem

  • our decoders contain solutions to all known variants of a target signal

Worried about the inadequacies of the software you have now? You should be!

To get better informed, read these PDFs (all on our RESOURCES web page)

For an even more detailed, decoder-by-decoder analysis of all of the obsolete, incomplete and irrelevant decoders offered by our 'competitors' please contact us with your request - and you must include complete contact information to receive this additional PDF.


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