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Continual updates to Krypto500 & Krypto1000

You may have noticed that we produce 14x more decoders each year than the rest of the SIGINT / COMINT industry - combined! But that's not all that we do....

COMINT Consulting guarantees that:

- we have more decoders in Krypto500 + Krypto1000 than any other software

- our decoders are 100% current (our competitors contain 40-60% obsolete modes)

- our decoders contain solutions to all known waveforms for a target modem

- our decoders contain solutions to all known variants of a target signal

Worried about the inadequacies of the software you have now? You should be! If you aren't using our software you're at least 250+ decoders behind us!

To keep pace with us, you can receive our NEWS items via e-mail - sign up at the bottom of any webpage using only your email address - it's that easy!

And that's not all we're up to - we constantly add more hardware and system support, new analytic tools and other enhancements..... So, stay tuned!

If you're ready to get serious about your COMINT / SIGINT software, contact us or just click our logo below.


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