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Can you decode 3G or 4G ALE or variants thereof?

Yes, we do!

Most importantly, we also decode all known variants of Mil-Std 188-141B 3G ALE. As our customers, know, 3G ALE started replacing Mil-Std 188-141A ALE nearly two decades ago, and is now itself being displaced by Mil-Std 188-141D 4G ALE (WBHF, WALE).

Can your decoders handle all these changes or are you stuck in the past? For example, one of the most prevalent and widely used variants of Mil-Std 188-141B 3G ALE is called ANW2 3G ALE...and yes, we decode, that, too. If you can't, then you are BLIND to the more than 100,000 deployed radios with that capability.

Get serious about your SIGINT. We don't just have 240+ more decoders than any other software, our decoders are more current, more complete - and handle the variants actually in-use by SIGINT / COMINT targets

Stay tuned for more information about our 4G ALE (and variants) solutions.

To learn more about us, visit our resource-rich website or simply click our logo below:


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