Decode DOZENS of DMR variants

With unmatched digital voice (vocoder) processing quality and high-end professional SIGINT tools like visual squelch, triggered-recording and automatic networking diagramming, Krypto1000 is a formidable tool for COMINT / SIGINT operations against DMR, dPMR, PMR and TMR networks.

Unrivalled support of variants, not just standard protocols give our users in 60+ countries the power they need for maximum intelligence extraction and the ability to exploit multiple channels of digital networks - all control, messaging, signalling and digital voice (vocoder) channels are completely and thoroughly decoded.

We also automatically detect and decrypt various forms of voice privacy encryption as well as automatically detecting and exploiting various proprietary geolocation protocols used by target transmitters....and then plotting their network topology in real-time, overlaid on the mapware of your choice!

No 'competitor' offers decoding this deep, extensive support for variants, superb digital voice (vocoder) quality, map ware - and network diagramming for traffic analysis and targeting!

Numerous white papers found here describe our abilities against PMR, TMR, DMR, dPMR variants and encryption - as well as our software's use in various platforms, whether in use by law enforcement, UAVs or tactical or special forces units.

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