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Early peek at the next Krypto500

It's getting closer....v1.271 is almost here!

We continue to add new capability at a rate that is 15x greater than the rest of the SIGINT industry - combined!

A new release of Krypto500 is imminent - and as usual, will contain many new items such as analytic tools, performance improvements and new decoders. More details soon! But here's a peek at a small portion of what it will contain:

- Invelco MD-571-A

- Kato SB

- R&S GP3000

- Serdolik Carnelian Sarah Chat

- Thales RC5000 SkyFax

The next release of Krypto500 also contains updates to RadioID (fingerprinting), precision classification and content extraction (parsers) - as well as even more new decoders!

That's right...we're adding even more to our current collection of 235+ more decoders than ANY OTHER SOFTWARE in the world.

Ready to get serious about your SIGINT / COMINT?

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