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Krypto500 ... 20 more decoders!

In just a few days, Krypto500 v1.267 will be released. As always, our release will contain substantive new tools, hardware support and updates to RadioID and precision classification. More details will be announced in the coming days.

Among the new decoders are solutions to these modems:

Grintek DT-200 / TR-250

Harris AutoLink



Racal TRA-3910

Tadiran RT-2001

Tadiran SuperNeT ST2300

More importantly, if you are using ANY other software, you are now nearly 170 decoders behind us....this update contains more decoders than you'll receive from any of our competitors in a decade!

And just wait to see what we will be releasing during the rest of 2020...

For more information, contact us:


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