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Krypto500 v1.266 is coming...

That's right - in a few days, another new release of Krypto500 will be delivered to customers, and as always, it will contain substantive updates - more classifiers, fingerprinters, new hardware support, and of course, more decoders!

Now with ~140 more decoders than any other software!

Why would you use anything else ?

Here's a quick peek of just two of the new items coming:

- A 5th, burst waveform decoder has been added to the AT-3004D decoder module. Our competitors don't have solutions to more than two used by this important modem! We correctly decode all 5 known waveforms.

- A 15th and 16th (yes, 16!) waveform decoder has been added to the AW-448 decoder module. Our competitors have no solution to this complex, ever-changing target modem.

For further information, contact us:


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