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Krypto500 v1.267 - NEW release

Get serious about your SIGINT / COMINT!

The new Krypto500 v1.267 release will soon be sent to authorized customers. It is our largest single, free update, with new hardware support and 20+ new decoders - you'd have to wait more than a decade for our 'competitors' to offer you this many new, unique decoders.

We now have 170+ more decoders than any other software, worldwide. Unlike other software, we have zero obsolete modes, 100% complete solutions (all known waveforms and parsers for target modems) and all modes are 100% relevant to today's SIGINT professional.

The new release contains:

New hardware supported



Ettus N320 and N321

Note: All other Ettus radios (B100, B200, E300, E320, MPMD, N230, N300, USRP1, USRP2 and X300 - are already supported through UHD library v3.15.0.0.

New Decoders, Parsers and Decoder Presets:



AW448 new FSK waveform

Grintek TR-250 / DT200

Harris AutoLink


Huneed VSC-870K

KFF-61 2VFT system

Mil-Std 188-141B 3G ALE (updated to add an additional parser)


Racal TRA-3910 Yeoman OTAR



Selex CM117e Parser (Stanag4285)

T-208 (two new waveforms and custom, usef-defined added)

Tadiran FLASH

Tadiran RT-2001

Vyshka Selcall

Of course, we've updated our Precision Classifiers and RadioID (precision transceiver identification) as well in this new v1.267 release.

Isn't it time you stopped wasting your money and time and got more serious about your COMINT - SIGINT efforts?

Ready to take your SIGINT seriously? Get in touch...


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