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Krypto500 v1.268 is coming....

In just a few weeks, a new edition of Krypto500 will be released.

As always, it will be full of new and unique tools for COMINT / SIGINT systems and will be a free update to Krypto500 license holders.

The new edition contains an assortment of new solutions, including extensive new parser support - just for Mil-Std 188-110A/B/C serial modem, there are 4 new parsers that allow for even deeper intelligence content extraction. These tools are NOT available in ANY other software and include solutions to the Foxtrot Tactical Messaging System and Tadiran COMSEC, among others.

There is also new support for additional samples rates added to already-supported SDRs like the AirSpy HF+ and HF+ Discovery, and completely new support for the Anritsu MS2090A system as you may have seen in recent press announcements.

And as ever, there are several new decoders, too - all to unique modes, whose solutions are NOT available via any other software. More news about those new decoders will be coming as we get closer to the release date.

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