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Krypto500 v1.272 Released!

An extensive update to the Krypto500 SIGINT / COMINT software suite has been released.

Updates have been to our precision classifiers as well as to our RadioID (fingerprinting) tool.

New parsers added:

- RT-7000

- BFTN (AN/USC-61)

- XG-100P

New decoders added:

- a special Asian variant of Mil-Std 188-110

- Akula-III

- PBC-146BS 3G ALE (GJB2077-2007A)

- APD AI-010 (multiple new waveforms + protocol updates)

- PIRS PEARCE (new waveform + protocol updates)

- CETC WT6000

New hardware support:

- Custom Server List for OpenWebRx

- ThinkRF 5750

- Sagax SRM performance improvements

- L-3/Narda SignalShark performance improvements

Complete lists of new decoders, parsers an supported hardware can always be found here:

Contact us for further information or simply click our logo below:


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