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Massive, new Krypto1000 update!

Krypto1000 v1.018 will soon ship to customers - it is an EXTENSIVE update, packed with features for SIGINT / COMINT professionals targeting criminals, narco and arms traffickers, Russian and PRC military, and more....

Here is a summary of some of the new decoders, analytic tools and other new features:

New Hardware and File support:

- IZT R3000 series SDR receivers

- SigMF files (.sigmf-meta, .sigmf-data or NCD files)

New Decryption (requires KeyFinder option) solutions:

- DMR ARC4 Data

- Motorola Proprietary ARC4 Data

- APCO25 (P25) ADP

New Decoders:

- APD AI-010 (both VHF and UHF FSK and AFSK formats)

- ERMES pager

- LARS Security Alarm

- Aselsan Proprietary APCO25 (P25)

New Analytic Features:

- Powerful controls for management of priority collection of multiple TETRA targets

- Powerful filters for improved TETRA collection, precision targeting of individuals, groups, specific IDs - and more!

- Speed enhancement to Autocorrelation Frequency (ACF) measurements

As always, the moment user manuals are finalized, the new version will ship automatically to current customers.

For any questions, please contact us, or simply click on our logo below:


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