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New Release - Krypto1000 v1.017

A new release of Krypto1000 - v1.017 - is now done.

As always, it contains MANY new features and enhancements...

Hardware Support:

- Improvements made to Ettus USRP support to allow use of various UHD libraries, all the way up to and including under 64-bit Windows

- SDRPlay support updated and now requires API v3.09


- Automatic descrambling and key recovery added to NxDN / NexREF decoder, performance improvements to Type-D decoding and several other features unique to NxDN added to this module (and detailed in User Manuals)

- Various in-depth improvements to AIS and DMR modules to facilitate further extraction and analysis of data critical to SIGINT / COMINT

...and of course, the new Krypto KeyFinder cryptanalytic attack tool is now supported.

As always, contact us for further information or simply click our logo below to visit our informative website.

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