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New Release - Krypto1000 v1.020

The most power set of analytic, parsing, automatic precision classification, decryption and decoding for VHF, UHF and SHF COMINT and SIGINT - has been updated yet again.

Already containing many dozens of decoders not contained in any other software, still more have been added to this powerful wideband, multichannel suite.

The new update contains new solutions for:

  • Harris Open Sky - voice + data

  • ZigBee (802.11.215 2.4 GHz) decoder

  • Hytera proprietary DMR decoder

New tools:

  • Forwarding of IP data from DMR to LANs, Firewalls for capture and analysis

  • KeyFinder for Linux; it now can be deployed on a USB drive

  • Two new algorithms and a method of decoding ARC4 DMR with just captured data.

The new release will be available to customers in late January 2024.

For further information, please contact us, or simply click on our logo below.


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