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New release - - Krypto500 v1.268

Another extensive update to the Krypto500 software suite for COMINT-SIGINT has been released!

This is the second update of 2020 and contains over 25 new decoders and analytic tools than our 'competition' releases in nearly two decades!

Krypto500 now has 200 decoders more than ANY other COMINT - SIGINT software!

A complete list of all that is in v1.268:


- Anritsu MS2090A

- new 456 kbps and 912 kbps sample rates in the AirSpy HF+ / HF+ Discovery


- new FSK & PSK precision classifiers

- Fed-Std 1052 Data Link Protocol parser

- Stanag5066 parser

- Foxtrot Tactical Messaging parser

- Collins Aerospace RT-2200A parser

- Tadiran COMSEC parser

- Tadiran SpectraLink parser


- Mil-Std 188-110A serial modem special Alt-Short Interleaver

- Collins Aerospace HF-9000C

- HF2000 3G ALE BW5 variant

- JRC JRS-900

- Clover-2000

- Clover-2500

- ChVK-W (All 20 waveforms!)

...and of course, we're not done! We continue to build new, complete, current and relevant target decoders at a rate that is some 12x faster than all of our 'competition' -- combined!

Get serious about your COMINT / SIGINT us by clicking our logo below:


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