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New release - Krypto500 v1.271

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

A new release of Krypto500, v1.271 is now available.

This significant release is packed with new tools and features for SIGINT / COMINT professionals and to enhance and extend the capabilities of any system.

If you don't use our software - you have 240+ decoders less than we do!

This new version contains:

- Updates to Precision Classification

- Updates to Radio ID fingerprinting signatures

- New presets added to RF-5710A and T-310/51 decoders

- New waveform solution added to XD-D12B decoder

- New Data Modem Decoders: Collins HF-9000C/D, Invelco MD-571-A, Kato SB, PBC-146BS, Sarah Chat mode, Thales RC5000 SkyFax, XD-D9B1

To learn more, or contact us, please visit our website or click on the logo below.


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