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SIGINT / COMINT software that supports almost 400 systems!

We're "not compatible" is something you will NOT hear from us. If you need your hardware compatible with our software, contact us - it's that simple!

Also, if you would like is to support a file format, contact us - it's simple.

We keep you focused on producing maximum intelligence not worrying about compatibility with your equipment or proprietary formats. Legacy hardware or new hardware - and any platform - we help you get more intelligence out of it.

To see examples of some of the many different size and system types we're compatible with follow the links below or use our comprehensive list of nearly 400 compatible systems at the bottom of this article. Meanwhile, here are a few....

Ultra wideband SDR

Ultra-small high performance SDR

High-end Multichannel Receivers (see the DRS application note)

Handheld System

Manpack SIGINT (see the QRC WBT application note)

High-end Wideband Tuners


Affordable SDR

Spectrum Monitoring (see the CRFS RFEye application note)

Comprehensive list of supported systems

As always, contact us with any requests or questions


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