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SIGINT / COMINT solutions for the Russia - Ukraine conflict

Yes, we have already built solutions to new Russian target signals that have appeared since the beginning of Russia's current invasion of Ukraine.

As with the previous invasion, COMINT Consulting completely demodulated, decoded and parsed critical Russian C2 and C3 nodes and made them deployable within days of being first heard!

Krypto500 and Krypto1000 customers know the difference between working with a purely SIGINT / COMINT company and a monitoring, hobby or test and measurement company.

NOTHING obsolete! ('competitors': 40-60% off-air modes)

NOTHING incomplete! ('competitors': 25% of 'solutions' lack waveforms or parsers)

NOTHING irrelevant to COMINT/ SIGINT! ('competitors': 25% of their solutions are for amateur modes, atomic clocks and other modes useless to COMINT / SIGINT)

SIGINT / COMINT software for the real world and a company that keeps pace, producing 15x more new decoders each year than all other companies - COMBINED!


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