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Sneak preview - next 90 days

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

A quick summary of what customers may expect in the coming months....

We continue to add new capability at a rate that is 15x greater than the rest of the SIGINT industry - combined!

A new release of Krypto1000 is imminent - and as usual, will contain many new items such as analytic tools, performance improvements and new decoders. More details soon!

An exciting new option for both Krypto500 and Krypto1000 that allows them to be used with sensor systems, even large-scale SIGINT / COMINT systems collecting and processing thousands of channels. Expect that new option announcement soon.

The next release of Krypto500 is only a few of months away and continues all the usual updates to RadioID (fingerprinting), precision classification and content extraction (parsers) - as well as nearly 20 more new decoders!!

That's right...we're well on our way to having nearly 300 more decoders than ANY OTHER SOFTWARE in the world.

Ready to get serious about your SIGINT / COMINT?

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