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The 'big guys' use our COMINT - SIGINT software - shouldn't you?

What do these big systems integrators know that you don't?

Could it be one or all of these market-leading features?

  • 250+ more decoders than ANY other software

  • We add 14x more new decoders per year than the entire market

  • 4,000+ precision classifiers ('competitors': ~23)

  • ~500 RadioID (fingerprinting) signatures (competitors: zero)

  • Automatic network diagramming ('competitors': none)

  • 100% complete decoders ('competitors': 40-60% obsolete or incomplete)

  • Compatible with ~400 receivers, SDRs, DF systems, acquisition cards, tuners

  • Numerous unique, advanced tools (multiple ACFs, LFSR analysis...)

  • All decoder modules are fully EA / Active SIGINT capable ('competitors': not)

Step up to accurate, complete, relevant COMINT - SIGINT software! Learn more about Krypto500 and Krypto1000. Click our logo below to visit our website.


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