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API licensing

We are able to offer flexible licensing models to allow access to all of Krypto500's and Krypto1000's powerful analytic tools, classifiers and the full demodulator-decoder-parser chains via our API. This allows you to rapidly and easily add hundreds of mode solutions and thousands of classifiers to your existing system of any type, size and scale - without the need for complex changes to your existing interface. Let the power of Krypto500’s and Krypto1000's unrivaled COMINT toolset run in the background of your own GUI.

DLL licensing

We also offer flexible licensing opportunities for use of our libraries, whether decoders or classifiers, in your existing system. Our libraries are available as DLL for Windows systems or SO for Linux systems. License models are available for systems from one channel to many channels and from single-use to perpetual licenses with unlimited use. No one has more decoders than we do and no one adds more decoders more rapidly than we do. Add real COMINT power to your system easily through the use of our libraries.

OEM licensing

Do you need all of the features of Krypto500 and/or Krypto1000 in your system, but need it to look and feel like your own suite and match its graphics? Contact us, and we'll be happy to discuss models that allow you to integrate all of Krypto500's and Krypto1000's market-leading COMINT solutions into your system.



The Krypto500 and Krypto1000 suites contain large toolset to effectively change any hardware into a COMINT system that needs not be manned nor attended. Intelligent automation allows scanning, recording and a variety of automatic triggering for voice or data modems. It is completely network-ready so collected data may be streamed live or after collection across any network, whether manned or unmanned. Simply adding Krypto500 and/or Krypto1000 to the workstation of your UAV, USV or UUV turns it into a full COMINT analysis system!  Read more about using Krypto500 or Krypto10000 in a networked situation here.


Krypto500 and Krypto1000 interfaces are very minimal, intuitive and easy-to-use by inexperienced and experienced operators alike. Powerful tools quickly and accurately make all the required technical measurements and in milliseconds can give you a specific signal identification (exact equipment in use) as well as allow for immediate demodulation, decoding and parsing of the target modem. Further in-depth tools allow content manipulation and aid in cryptanalytic processes.


Krypto500 and Krypto1000 are both completely scalable and can be deployed in a variety of manners to support any number of channels of collection. Refer to the section on our flexible licensing that allows you to use a small part or the entire suite suite easily with your existing system - virtually any hardware and any OS can be supported. From 1 to 1,000 channels of collection and processing, Krypto500 has more decoders, more classifiers and more relevant solutions to ensure your strategic COMINT/SIGINT system is relevant and performing against systems on the air today. Find out more in the Krypto500 datasheet here.


The unparalleled compatibility of Krypto500 and Krypto1000, and the vast majority of the best tactical collection systems in the world make it an easy choice for tactical as well as strategic systems. Our intelligent analytic tools and cutting-edge classifiers allow operators, analysts and linguists in the most demanding tactical situations to make the most of their opportunities against target signals. The scalability built in means operators can easily work from 1 to 32 channels even on a single, rugged PC or tablet-type PC. Contact us with your specific requirements.


Krypto500 and Krypto1000 both include automation and intelligent networking tools as standard features, NOT options. Powerful tools allow you to connect to most of the leading SIGINT hardware, but do not require you to be present. Whether an unmanned vehicle or a difficult terrain, wartime environment or other inhospitable conditions, Krypto500 and Krypto1000 is compatible with a number of systems that can be easily hidden and left behind to prosecute target signals. Our features such as automatically-triggered modems, voice or calling system processing mean that the entire process of collection, from detection, classification, demodulation, decoding - and the transmittal of that collected data over a network - can be done in remote locations easily.



Contact us if you are interested in Time-Sensitive collection, analysis and reporting anywhere in the world. Our SIGINT collection experts have performed missions in all major areas of the world, including many dangerous, inhospitable or wartime environments. We can perform secure and immediate indications and warning (I&W) of in-progress events or merely weekly summaries of items of technical or intelligence interest. Let our expertise complement your mission.


A variety of customizable reporting is available to suit your mission needs and interests. From full multimedia reports and books that detail all aspects of a target's communications structure (call signs, frequencies, modes in use, network diagrams, even phraseology and slang and more) to detailed technical reports on the internals of an individual modem. Let our experience go to work for you.


Our team utilizes an array of manned and unmanned systems throughout the world as well as deployments in their continual collection and analysis efforts. Every signal found in every spectrum is recorded, completely analyzed, indexed and a full report created on its details. A continual effort against calling systems and callsign systems ensures accurate and current knowledge of the various nodes and players in target networks - a vital first step missing in most of the SIGINT market. It is hard to know the significance of a network without knowing who is calling whom. We further analyze more than 200 languages and dialects and these transcripts are fused into our analytic processes. We're confident you'll find our SIGINT experience unmatched.