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who we are

We live and breathe SIGINT. Our passion is finding and exposing intelligence that keeps the world turning smoothly. Our mission is to bring the finest tools to today’s SIGINT professionals.

Constant monitoring

what we do

We build the SIGINT we wish we had when we were on the front lines. Our equipment monitors 24/7 so you can sleep -- and wake up with the best intelligence in your hands.

why we do it

Simply put - because we know what you don't know. Cyber is important, but the RF world is buzzing with backdoor communications you need to hear. Don't miss out. 

RF spectrum
Signals decoding

constant monitoring

Our non-stop surveillance and analysis lets us know what intelligence is hot and what's just insignificant chatter. Add in our translation and decoding expertise, and you'll salute our software's genius.

true intelligence

You've never had it this good. We hand you more specifics on a signal than anyone -- user, equipment and more. And we filter out the insignificant data so you can focus on what's important.

Man Accurate signal filtering

dedicated people

We understand exactly what is on the line. We are passionate experts serving people who are making a difference -- every day.
We gathered the best minds to create outstanding tools, just for you.


We've taken orders and we've given them. We've performed delicate missions with tools that were barely adequate. Enough of that.
Our combined 145 years of experience is here to make your missions stronger, smarter and more precise.