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Signals Analysis tools for professional SIGINT

Signals Intelligence that you can rely on for all platforms, manned or unmanned

Signals decoding is the very core of COMINT and we offer the best signals decoders on the market with current and complete modes.



Signals analysis and decoding suite for narrowband signals



Signals analysis and decoding suite for wideband signals

List of embedded decoders and demodulators

List of compatible 

receivers, SDRs and DF systems

On-site signals survey services for in-depth knowledge 

Signals analysis and decoding services

Custom decoders, custom modules or API interface

All of our decoders contain demodulators for all known waveforms and all known variants of a particular signal. Our competition barely offers a solution to a standard modem that follows a protocol. In the real world, variants are used by intelligence targets, therefore we need to support them. Some of our signal decoder modules support a half-dozen to more than 40 more variants for a given modem, whereas our 'competition' does not. Not only do we have HUNDREDS more signal decoders than any other company, we support DOZENS more variants of each.

Signal decoding serves one purpose: to produce actionable intelligence. Our approach to signal decoding not only comprises complete, current solutions to target signals, as described above, but all manner of alphabets, parsers, filters and other custom tools - all available in parallel - in ever signal decoder module. We have dozens of parsers more than any 'competitor' signal decoding software. SIGINT and COMINT are demanding, and we help you immediately make more sense of your intercept, from intelligent assistance identifying cryptographic systems in use, to extraction of maximum intelligence.  

Our signals decoders are named using actual equipment names - no made-up or fake names here. Misleading or confusing a SIGINT or COMINT or Electronic Warfare professional in this manner makes no sense. COMINT Consulting produces SIGINT and COMINT software for profesionals who demand the best signals decoders and the best signals decoding software.