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Krypto1000 Server

Krypto1000 Server

Massive processing of target channels - real-time of offline


You are in control - Process captured files or live streams and extract full intelligence content - as your mission dictates.


Easy Integration - Server runs in the background processing requests, all control and input/output is done over TCP/IP connections. The entire solution is programming language-independent and can be used from the same machine, over LAN,  all controlled by simple text commands.


Rich and complete output - Output formats ranging from simple text to vocoder frames, live audio streams or network diagramming. Multiple output formats are available over TCP/IP or for disk logging.


Digital voice decryption - Real-time decryption of DMR and other digital voice signals in many standard and proprietary formats, with data outputs suitable for cryptanalysis and key recovery.

Flexible licensing - From single decoder to complete suite, You choose exactly the decoders You need to decode the signals You receive.

Wideband Signal Decoding

Minimum hardware requirements are LESS THAN the interactive version of Krypto1000!

SUPER EFFICIENT and LOW SWaP - Each decoder requires only a few MB of RAM!

Server CPU  (must be x86 or x64 CPU) needs only support SSE2 instruction set


Take advantage of our instructor-led training programs at your convenience. We offer multiple packages based on your knowledge level - whether you are just starting off with our software or looking to learn about advanced features or target-specific topics. 

Click here to learn more. 

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