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Krypto1000 KeyFinder


Cryptanalytic tool for Krypto1000

Krypto1000 KeyFinder Tool

Krypto KeyFinder is a cryptanalytic tool for use with Krypto1000 - it is an OPTIONAL feature, not standard, as users need to choose whether to license it for single or multiple PC environments. It initially works against ARC4 encryption used in DMR, but other solutions will steadily be added. Once KeyFinder has produced a solution, it can then be used to process real-time targets as well as previously-recorded target files.

KeyFinder uses a client-server architecture wherein its server program manages bruteforcing jobs sent to to one more more client PCs.  It does not and will not run inside Krypto1000 or Krypto1000 Server version, but rather separately and in the background on the same PC or PCs. KeyFinder will run on single PCs with modest CPU/RAM or multiple PCs - the ONLY difference is time to solution of the encryption, which is naturally faster on higher-end and multiple PCs.

KeyFinder Signal Decoder

This tool uses two methods of attack - both are detailed in our thorough user manuals and the advantage in multiple PC environments is greatly reduced time to solution of decrypted keys. That being said, even on one PC, KeyFinder is extremely effective at key recovery in modest amounts of time due to some 'shortcut methods' with high probability of sucess that are also detailed in our user manuals.

Krypto1000 or Krypto1000 Server are REQUIRED if you'd like to order KeyFinder. Existing users of Krypto1000 may contact us for upgrade options or technical questions at any time.



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