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We are the market leader in Signals Decoding. Period.

RF is not dead!

COMINT Consulting are COMINT and SIGINT experts with extensive operational experience who have created software suites, Krypto500 and Krypto1000, for use in ANY SIGINT system or of ANY size and for ANY sensor platform:

- Manpack, Remote, Clandestine, Unattended
- Aircraft, Ships, Submarines
- Field Sites, Analysis and Collection Centers

We have the most extensive collection of current and relevant demodulators, decoders and parsers - and add new solutions at a rate 12x faster than all of our competition - combined. There's no need for you to use outdated or irrelevant signals decoders.

From the latest hybrid modems, vocoders, digital mobile radio (DMR), Trunk Mobile Radio (TMR), satellite modems, our signals decoding software has no rivals - we have nearly 100 more decoders than our closest competitor. More importantly, we support variants and new waveforms as they happen - and you receive the updates - automatically!

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Simply put - we know what you don't know. Cyber is important, but the RF world is busier than ever.
Do not mention the 'competition'!

We are not ex-dentists, lawyers or fortune seekers. We know what tactical SIGINT is because that's what we have been doing for over 40 years! 

We know what SIGINT is because we are professionals who have performed SIGINT and COMINT missions our entire careers.


Some 20 of their decoders are incomplete – missing waveforms, lacking an ability to process a variant or variants, or having insufficient parsers to extract actual content for intelligence purposes. That’s not what we call a ‘decoder’


Many of the ‘decoders’ are listed redundantly under alternative and worse-still, completely fictitious names – misleading customers and adding confusion where SIGINT professionals need clarity. 

Their software contains solutions for many irrelevant decoders: decoders for modes of no use to a SIGINT professional - that are used by amateur radio operators and the like. It makes lists of decoders look more impressive, but wastes your money and has no impact on your mission.


As if all that weren't enough, our 'competition' adds less than 3 new decoders per year while we add 12X that on average

And here is why:

Choose a SIGINT software that is made by SIGINT professionals

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