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Krypto500 Signals decoding and
analysis suite

Precise decoding

Successfully decode in even the poorest conditions

Always current

Always current - no outdated or out-of-use modes

Auto classification

Precise automatic classification

System interfaces

Wideband / Narrowband system interfaces

Krypto500 Top 10
Krypto500 decoder


Intuitive and powerful user interface and embedded intelligence to assist operators and analysts with proper collection, tuning and decoding of more than 70 short-duration calling and link-establishment protocols and many other modems.


Flexible decoder customizations allow us to cater to the demanding requirements of both SIGINT analysts and system integrators. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Decoder customization


Say goodbye to Modulation Recognition and meet precise Signals Classification.

Our signals classification techniques not only consider modulation, but precisely and accurately classify measured parameters in about 1 second.

We identify specific equipment, specific variants and submodes of that equipment and specific users.

Krypto500 classifier
Current modes

real data

We only include active, on-air signals. No dubious tonal systems, no inflated modes list. Only hard-core, real, accurate and relevant data. What else would you need?


Krypto500 works well under Windows and Linux - whether on an individual workstation or a network of hundreds. Krypto500 is completely adaptable to use on virtually ANY network.

Krypto500 Networks
Supported hardware


With the Receiver Control feature and hundreds of embedded receivers, Krypto500 gives you, the user, the fliexibility of using your own hardware.