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Krypto500 v1.261 is released! 18 new tools and features

The latest version of the Krypto500 SIGINT / COMINT software suite and updated manuals will soon be sent to partners and customers via our secure delivery system.

As with all updates, there are several items that are continuously updated:

  • More real-time Precision Classifiers

  • More RadioID fingerprinting entries

  • More DPRK-ARQ LinkIDs

  • More unique Pactor CRCs

SIGINT | COMINT | Krypto500  | Krypto1000 | Decoding

Krypto500 v1.261 also contains these new decoders:

  • Two new AW-448 waveforms

  • ACS-C Vishnya v2

  • Pactor-II FEC (includes a new broadcast FEC mode)

  • New preset for RU OTAR (over-the-air-rekeying)

  • Two new TEAC-KV7 preset

  • TEAC-31

  • TEAC-21

SIGINT | COMINT | Krypto500  | Krypto1000 | Decoding

Also, several powerful new analytic features have been added, such as our powerful FadeFilter, which aids in maximum intelligence extraction under the poorest of conditions. A list of the new analytic features follows:

  • FadeFilter has been added to DPRK-ARQ and Pactor

  • New AW-448 Shift Control

  • New AW-448 CRCs and scrambling supported

  • New DPRK-ARQ Automatic Link Identifier

  • SpyServer Client Input

SIGINT | COMINT | Krypto500  | Krypto1000 | Decoding

Finally, a very POWERFUL feature for SIGINT professionals is our new automatic network diagramming (nodal network analysis) for select calling modes. An example is shown below.

SIGINT | COMINT | Krypto500  | Krypto1000 | Decoding

For further reading, please see the SIGINT menu or the RESOURCES page on our website.

If you would like to see a video of any of these features in action, please click here:

If you have any questions, please contact us by clicking our logo.

SIGINT | COMINT | Krypto500  | Krypto1000 | Decoding

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