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Automatically Scan, Collect and Diagram and Collect HF networks

With a market-eclipsing collection of calling systems decoded, you can automatically scan, collect and diagram (traffic analysis) networks using numerous of selective calling (selcal), automatic link establishment (ALE), automatic link setup (ALIS), automatic link management (ALM), and automatic control system (ACS) systems.

You can further trigger automatic collection through a combination of detectors - from FM and SSB voice to using any of the hundreds of decoders - or use ANY of these in combination with ANY calling system, in ANY combination YOU prefer.

Yes, ths is true 'lie in wait' SIGINT - with just a few clicks you can collect the exact activities you are looking for and send the results anywhere in the world, from manned or unmanned collection positions and platforms. Our built-in, automatic network diagramming performs traffic analysis concurrently, giving you the target network's topology in real-time as it develops.

To learn more, see the product videos on our RESOURCES webpage.

If you're ready to get serious about your SIGINT, contact us:


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