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Krypto1000 - new release...

That's right...Krypto1000 v1.014 is just a few days away. As with all of our releases, it is packed with new features, tools and support. We're still working and staying safe through the COVID-19 pandemic - and adding 13x more new tools each year than the rest of the market - combined!

Just a small hint about what the new release contains:

- support for 11 new types of hardware

- new tools for enhanced SIGINT content extraction from DMR and Trunk Mobile (TMR) protocols

- live TMR mapping support

- extended feature set in our streaming tool that allows wideband tuners to send channels for collection (classification, analysis, demodulation, decoding...) anywhere in the world - or even to other workstations running Krypto500 or Krypto1000!

- decryption of a proprietary DMR encryption system

- a new, precision SIGINT tool completely unique in the market...more on this soon!

Get serious about our COMINT - SIGINT capability!

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