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Now available - Krypto1000 v1.014

The new Krypto1000 release is available to customers.

It contains numerous updates, detailed below:

New Hardware Supported:


  • Anritsu MS2090A

  • Daqscribe Wideband Recorders:

- DDR7000-R-100G

- DDR70-Mini-40G

- DDR7000-R-100G

- RDR70-Mini-40G

- DDR70-Mini-20G

  • - Ettus N320 and N321 (all Ettus models supported through UHD library v3.15.0.0)

  • - SDRPlay RSPdx

New features:


  • A full-featured precision FSK / mFSK classifier.

  • VITA49 Streaming Tools - Sends VITA49-compliant S16 or 32-bit float IQ streams over TCP and has optional controls (tuning, bandwidth).

  • Duo-NR (Noise Reduction Tool for the SDRPlay RSPduo)

  • Custom Sample Rates for the Sagax SRM3000

  • Auto-gain bandwidth limit for wideFFT

  • The DMR module has several new features: - Automatic key recovery and decryption of Hytera proprietary 128-bit vocoder - Added MotoTRBO Restricted Access System (RAS) detection - Enhanced Privacy (EP) voice embedded IV extraction

  • TETRA Location Information Protocol decoding.

  • Manual AGC to the Listen module for USB, LSB and AM modes

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