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Russian SIGINT solutions

An unmatched collection of demodulators, decoders and parsers - more than seventy! - are contained in the Krypto500 (ELF-HF) and Krypto1000 (VHF-UHF) COMINT SIGINT software suite.

As always with BOTH Krypto500 and Krypto1000, the solutions are current (ie - still in use), complete (contain solutions to all known waveforms) and include solutions to known variants as well. This is in stark contrast to our 'competitors' whose solutions contain more than 40% obsolete modes, and more than 25% are incomplete (lacking waveforms), and nil variants are decoded.

In terms of quantity, Krypto500 contains 10x more Russian target signal decoders than the software of our closest 'competitor.' As always, new solutions are continually added, too.

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