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Krypto500, Krypto1000 and the AirSpy HF+ Discovery

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Did you know that Krypto500 and Krypto1000 COMINT / SIGINT software suites already support the AirSpy HF+ Discovery (as well as the HF+ Dual Port model)?

SIGINT | COMINT | Krypto500  | Krypto1000 | Decoding
AirSpy HF+ Discovery SDR

Well, now you do. This tiny powerhouse of a receiver (SDR) should allow for tactical and clandestine collection. Its tiny size, excellent filtering and 18-bit ADC are a hard-to-beat combination with Krypto500's market-leading collection of decoders, precision classifiers, fingerprinters (RadioID) and other unique and advanced tools.

SIGINT | COMINT | Krypto500  | Krypto1000 | Decoding | decoder
Krypto500 COMINT SIGINT software

Likewise when used with Krypto1000 for HF or VHF work, the superb resolution afforded by Krypto1000's HD displays, and its palette of extensive VHF-UHF decoders make for a powerful combination!

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