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Krypto500 v1.269 Released!

The latest, extensive updates to the Krypto500 COMINT / SIGINT software suite will be available to customers later this week.

There are numerous updates, among them:

RF-41A00 decoder

- This complex, multi-waveform modem decoder includes parsers to process operator chat and proprietary FTP sessions, extract geo-referenced radar track data as well as decode all standard and LDPC modes.

ChVK-W decoder

- Updated to include a new waveform seen in first use in late 2020 and 2021. Also includes a new parser to process operator chat.

Over 20 VFT modes added

- Some two dozen VFT decoders have been added to various decoder modules, specifically: T-206, T-207, T-310/50, T-310/51, T-600, Stanag4481 and Synchronous FSK.

Multiple Analytic Tools

- A selector for proprietary CRC solutions to the Clover2000 and Clover2500 decoder have been added. The tool can automatically solve new CRCs just as it does in our Pactor decoder modules.

- A Hexadecimal output has been added to our ASCII parser

- Tools to assist with identifying valid 3G ALE decodes, parsers for Citadel-I (Citadel-II is already part of Krypto500) and KY-57 cryptographic systems have also been added.

...and yes, more radio fingerprinting (RadioID) and more automatic precision classification solutions have been added.

As always, for more details, contact us or simply click our logo below:


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