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Massive new update to Krypto500!

The new Krypto500 - v1.273 - has been released.

As always, existing customers will receive their updates automatically. As always, this new release contains significant upgrades - see below for a detailed list.


- added serial number filtering for RFSpace SDRs

- improved Sagax SRM-3000 interface + performance

- updated USRP support for the newest NI/Ettus Research SDRs


- improved error correction in PRC64 decoder

- new Session file generator for scheduled recordings

- improved handling of redirects in OpenWebRx interface

- improved parsing in GJB2077-94 2G ALE


- Mil-Std 188-141D 4G ALE (WALE, Deep WALE, Fast WALE)

- Tadiran AutoCall

- R-149MA1(all variants + burst types)

- Chayka-II

- new variant of TEAC-ALE

- 3 new variants of AW448

- new variant of Chayka-I

- new variant of Akula-I

- new variant of Akula-II


- RadioID updated with new signatures

- Precision classification updated with new classifiers

As always, feel free to contact us with more information, or simply click on our logo below.


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