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New Krypto1000 release!

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

A new release of the Krypto1000 wideband, multichannel COMINT - SIGINT software suite has been announced.

This new release, v1.015, contains many new features, updates and of course, new decoders.

New hardware support:

- RF Space CloudSDR

- Keysight N6841A sensor - single-channel and multichannel operations

- Anritsu .DGZ and .DGZM file format

New decoders:

- DMR ARC4 EP decryption

- A specific mode of the R-169 Granit radio

- Two specific modes of the R-187A/B Azart radio

- Additional ASCII parsing tools were added.

Other new enhancements were made to frequency lock conditions as well as to server monitoring of multichannel decoder operations.

A set of user-customizable tools, markers and captions was also added to our HD wideFFT spectrum display.

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