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New release - Krypto 1000 v1.108!

Krypto1000 v1.018 is about to be released. As always it contains MANY new decoders and features. Among them are:

- IQ recorder now has a squelch/ level trigger functionality to record signals above whatever threshold is set.

- There is a UAT decoder - it processes uplink and downlink bursts and real-time Google Earth output

- WMBUS decoder added - it supports both mode-N and mode-S.

- More message formats (ship details, nav warnings and messages, weather reports) - added to the AIS decoder

- Added automatic Keyfinding and Decryption of Hytera 256 bit encryption

- We now automatically find the BP (Basic Privacy) key for IPv4 data (sent over DMR)

- Added an autospeed feature to POCSAG that detects and automatically changes baud rate

And several other improvement to existing tools and features.

For detail, contact us or simply click on our logo below.


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