20 March 2017

“Our” decoders versus “their” decoders for SIGINT

Not a week passes that we are not asked to compare our SIGINT software with that of our ‘competition’ from Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands.

There are some easy answers as we have tools that no other company has:

  • support for more than 300 types of receiver, SDR, DF, digitizers, etc
  • fingerprinting
  • precision classification (vice legacy modulation recognition)
  • 12 x more new decoders per year than all competitors COMBINED
  • support for Allied Intelligence Community data protocols

But, while significant, these are not the most important features about the core of our business. We are a SIGINT company, not a company with a hobby market or radio monitoring heritage, so we understand SIGINT, its requirements and its operations – thoroughly.

Decoders are the core of what we do. 100% of our decoders are for use against SIGINT targets on the air in 2017. All of our competitors offer an average of 40-60% obsolete modes or modes that are of ZERO use to a SIGINT professional. Further, our ‘competition’ often is lacking waveforms in individual decoders or knowledge of newer modems that have replaced older ones. Our decoders contain solutions to all known waveforms and appropriate parsers to extract maximum intelligence content from them.

This is SIGINT software at its best. Learn more here:

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