12 December 2016

Krypto500 v1.258 Released – New Decoders and More!

The latest version of Krypto500, v1.258, has been released. As always it contains several significant new features and tools for SIGINT professionals:

As with EVERY update, we add more RadioID entries – the advanced, precision radiofingerprinting tool built in to Krypto500.

Likewise, more precision signal classifiers are added with each update, keeping our total to well over 4,000 precision classifiers.

New decoders in the Krypto500 v1.258 release:

  • ┬áT-207 decoder
  • RFSM data modem (includes all modified and proprietary waveforms, AND automatic key recovery for masked networks)


Continuing with our customary support for a market-leading over 310 types of hardware, from receivers, to acquisition cards, digitizers, SDRs and DF systems, Krypto500 v1.258 supports these new devices and systems:

* Royal Australian Navy / Daronmont CommSECA System support
* Sagax SRM-3000 (Multichannel HF)
* EPIQ Solutions – (all SRFS-based SDRs )
* DRS SI-8614-3 Nanoceptor (VHF-UHF)
* DRS SI-8746 Harrier (Wideband HF)
* DRS SI-8728A (8-chan HF)


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